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At Studio J Architects we have worked on lots of large properties, with very large budgets. For major wow factor transformations or complete new builds. However we also work a lot on more modest properties and smaller scale extensions. These projects are often single storey rear extensions to get a larger kitchen-dining-living room. Loft conversions for an additional bedroom or even just a small front porch. (Even a front porch may need panning approval and a full set of architectural drawings).

Smaller scale projects may initially seem simpler, however they all have their unique design problems to overcome. With a small extension the area to build in is also normally relatively small too and so there is no room for wasted space. Every aspect of the design has to work hard to make the most of the new space being created. There is also no room for over generous circulation space as it does not provide useful living accommodation.

Small extension Horbury

With all projects the budget is always an important factor. However with a smaller project the budget is normally small too and so extra thought may be needed to ensure the most cost effective solution is designed while still achieving the clients goals.

As architects we love the challenge of a small project as much as a large one. A relatively small change to someone’s house, or business, can often have a very large impact, transforming how the client uses the building.

stone extension

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