bar design

Northgate, Wakefield

Bar design

Studio J were approached by the owner of several bars in Wakefield to help with the concept bar design for a new venture. The bar was to be a unique take on a speakeasy style bar. The idea was to have a retro video rental store as a “shop front” on one of the main streets in central Wakefield. However, through a secret hidden door you go through into a stylish bar.

To get access to the “secret” bar you have to give a password (which is the video of the week)!

The hidden door is in a seemingly “normal” wall with shelves of videos.

hidden door

Working with the clients’ concept for the project. Studio J Architects produced the layout for the bar design.

Despite the fun concept, it was critical to ensure the bar would work from a practical point of view. Making sure there was space for enough tables, and toilets etc.

Studio J have now worked with the client a number of times helping out with designs and planning permissions for their other bars in Wakefield.

All photos copyright of RBT video.  A video of the owner discussing the bar, with a walk through of the space, can be seem here.

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