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Friendly and very professional!

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We recently finished working with a client for a residential extension in Emley. They provided the following review for our services (unedited):

“We had an amazing experience with Studio J – James is very professional, listens to what you need, and makes very helpful points throughout the design process! He strikes a perfect balance between giving you great ideas, whilst also being flexible to your specific needs and requests.

I’m particular about small details and measurements, and he was totally understanding about this. He also has a very good knowledge of how much different things may approximately cost, and so we were able to make well informed decisions based on our budget! I also massively appreciate how everyone at Studio J is super friendly, yet very professional and respectful. For instance, when coming round to look at the house and measure up – both James and Jacqueline took their shoes off and also wore masks.

Also, when giving a quote, James patiently outlined everything and explained the breakdown (e.g that building regs are paid directly/separately), so that there are no hidden costs. This was very helpful, as having not used an architect before or done major works on the house, it can be a confusing world so is reassuring to know exactly where your money is going! We spoke to three other architects before Studio J, and Studio J were the only one to take this time and care in explaining the quote, plus taking shoes off automatically, plus being highly knowledgeable about questions we had.

I highly recommend James and Studio J Architects!” – Miss Kim-Joy Hewlett

Ilkley extension

It is really nice to get feedback like this, it confirms the efforts and standards we aim for are appreciated.

You can see some photos for their project here.

We regularly work with clients who have not used an architect before or done a building project. It is therefore important to remember, although we do this everyday, it is new to them and can be daunting. We also work with people from all walks of life and when they invite you into their homes it is important to be respectful, taking our shoes off is one way of doing this.

This project is in Emley. However Studio J Architects work all over Yorkshire and the North.

Ilkley kitchen