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Planning fees

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There will soon be an increase in the planning fees for all applications in England.

All planning fees will increase by 25%. However, major applications will increase by 35%.

The changes will take place for any application submitted after 5pm on 5th December 2023.

It is worth noting, if the payment for the application fee is to be made by bank transfer. This should be made no later than 28th November.

Another key change will be the removal of the “one free go”. This is when you can resubmit an application of the same nature, within 12 months of a refused application, for free.  Although, applications that currently are eligible for the “one free go” will still be valid.

Householder planning applications that are not decided within 16 weeks will receive a refund. (This is shorter than the previous 26 weeks.

The fees for a householder planning application will be £258, plus the planning portals handling fee of £64 (which can change at different times to the application fees).

Studio J Architects have experience in submitting hundreds of planning applications over the years. We have written a guide to about planning permission. Take a look here.

For further details about planning application take a look at the planning portal.