Our Year Wakefield 2024

Our Year Wakefield 2024

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Studio J Architects are sponsoring Our Year Wakefield 2024. This is a year long series of events to be held across the Yorkshire city.

There will be 366 days of activities for everyone across the Wakefield District to enjoy. Our Year Wakefield 2024 will encourage people to visit the city from further afield. For local residents it is a chance to explore a host of amazing things happening on their own doorsteps.

One of the highlights of the year will be The Hatchling. This ground-breaking outdoor theatrical performance will unfold over a weekend of events. Culminating in an extraordinary finale of spectacle, including a flight over Pugneys Country Park! The Hatchling is created by the award-winning creative team at Trigger in collaboration with a leading design team specialising in puppetry, kites and immersive theatre.

Another exciting part of Our Year is the Crossings and Gateways programme. In partnership with local people and groups, this will deliver murals and sculptures within communities across the district.

Studio J Architects’ sponsorship is part of the Leap Club. Helping fund an extra day of events due to 2024 being a leap year!

For more information about the upcoming events across the Wakefield during 2024, take a look at the Our Year website.

Our Year Wakefield 2024