timber entrance canopy traditional architecture

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Modern architecture or traditional? We are often asked by prospective clients if we have a particular style when we are designing our projects. The simple answer is no, we don’t stick to one style. But here is why:

We are designing for other people and their specific requirements, not ourselves. We respect their preference with aesthetics and, while we make suggestions, we would never force a particular design style on someone.

Not only is every client and brief unique, so are the sites. If the site is within in a conservation area, city centre or suburban setting, this would also inform the design. Even two sites on the same street could have differences that inform the design. Such as trees, varying site levels and adjacent buildings.

modern architeture

This means that every project we work on is started from scratch to make a design that is bespoke to the project requirements. We work with our clients as a collaborative process. Taking onboard their comments and ideas to get the best outcome for them.

The photos to the side and above are a couple of examples of entrances on our recent projects which illustrate very different, project specific design approaches.

As architects we appreciate the beauty in all architectural styles and love the variety it brings in designing them.

We would love to help you realise your project, whether you prefer modern architecture, traditional design or something in between. Please contact us if you have a project you would like to discuss

timber entrance canopy traditional architecture