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Over 25 years in the industry

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With over 25 years in architecture, Studio J’s managing director James Butterworth, is an experienced architect with a wealth of knowledge.

James started his architecture education in 1997 at Kingston University, London. Passing his degree (RIBA part 1) in 2000. During this time he worked in his first jobs in the industry. Firstly working on a commercial building site in Sheffield. Here he got early first hand experience on the construction side of architecture. After completing his second year of university James got a job as an architectural assistance at Yorkshire based architecture firm, DLA Architecture. He returned to work here during university holidays and then full time after graduating.

Over the next 6 years James combined his time working at DLA and undertaking his post graduate studies at Leeds Becket University (RIBA parts 2 & 3). In 2006 James passed his professional exams to become a fully qualified architect, registered with RIBA and ARB.

In 2009 James left DLA and started Studio J Architects. To date, over the last 14 years, Studio J have worked on over 600 projects with James having overseen all of them.

The team at Studio J combined have over 50 years experience in the industry. Take a look at our about us page to find out more about Studio J Architects.

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