Timber frame annex


Construction was recently completed for a timber frame building on a tricky site.

The building is a small 1 bedroom annex in the garden of an existing semi-detached house in Roundhay, Leeds. The client was a couple moving back to the UK after working abroad for several years and wanted to be close to their family. Building an annex in the family garden not only worked by being close to their family but financially too.

Due to restrictions with the plot size and planning regulations the end design has an efficient footprint accommodating a bedroom, bathroom and open plan kitchen-dining-living room. Planning also restricted the height of the building dictating the flat roof design so as not to be over dominating for the surrounding gardens.

With close proximity of neighbouring properties, positioning of  the windows was very restrictive and so to get natural light into the building several roof lights were used, along with the patio doors to the living room.

The decision was made by the client to use a timber frame construction for the build. The type used was a proprietary structural insulated panel (SIPs) system. The advantage of this was it gave a quicker on site construction period and a slightly slimmer wall build up, which is important when every cm counts!

After a few weeks clearing the site, digging foundations and getting out of the ground. The SIPs arrived and were erected in 2 days. These were then finished externally with brick slips to the walls and a GRP roof. Soon after the windows and doors were installed creating a watertight building in a very short amount of time. The project was then finished off swiftly internally and externally.


Clearing the site

Getting out of the ground

SIPS installation starting


SIPS walls almost completed


Completed building