Scheduled Ancient Monument cottage extension

Scheduled ancient monument approval

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Studio J Architects have gained approval for an extension to a residential property that is in the historic grounds of a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

Our client’s property is a house previously used by the workers of the former mill nearby. This mill and house were part of the estate to the nearby priory. The priory and all its associated buildings form part of the scheduled ancient monument. Therefore not only did we need to secure planning approval for the extension but also approval from Historic England.

The design is for a modest single storey extension and gives a new living space associated with the kitchen-diner, along with improved access to the garden. A sympathetic design and use of materials was desired by the home owner and key for the approvals.

As part of the approvals we are required to have an archaeologist on site. they will monitor the dig to ensure if anything of interest is found it is recorded correctly.

As well as working on this project, our experienced architects have worked on other listed and historic buildings. Navigating through the potentially tricky planning process.

extension Scheduled Ancient Monument

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